Computer science lab for young people.

We offer introduction to Lua, Minetest game engine and game design. The team's objective is to research and build Minetest game worlds using educational subjects that students learn during school lessons. Our goal is to build a library of educational projects and make it available to everyone free of charge.

About the game

Minetest is a sandbox building game, inspired by Infiniminer and Minecraft. The gameplay is very similar to Minecraft's, consisting of creating and destroying blocks in a local or online 3D environment. Unlike Minecraft, Minetest is Free and Open Source Software, released under the LGPL. It was done this way to be fully open to any end-user needs, making it much more suitable for educational applications. MinetestEdu team uses the game to develop educational lessons and game-based experiences for K-12 students. Contact us if you are interested in implementing Minetest Educational Projects with your educational programs.

MinetestEdu operates like a coworking space for kids where students can learn they way to become MinetestEdu team members and use software development technologies such as Bash and Git to hatch and develop new ideas for educational game products.

What you can learn here

Lua, a real-world scripting language specifically designed for games. See this list of 154 games that use Lua and this page for where else Lua is used.

Software development tools

Game design skills

Teamwork and coworking culture


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